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Gender Equaltity

As a company, we seek to collaborate with companies that share our commitment to helping women improve their leadership skills at the workplace.  

Women are often reluctant to speak up for themselves, during worker interviews as well as in worker-management committees where they tend to defer to male counterparts, especially supervisors. Therefore it is challenging to fully understand and address women's needs or prioritize gender equity, which can help cultivate work environments where women are less vulnerable to exploitation, harassment, or coercion.

Through a gender-specific lens, we conduct assessments with an increased focus on collecting and analyzing onsite data to determine the issues faced by female workers. Insite then works to gain the supplier's commitment to driving gender equality at their workplace. This commitment can take the form of empowering female workers through training, the creation of gender-balanced committees, as well as assigning senior personnel to address gender-related issues. 

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