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Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit 

Corporate Responsibility with Insite and SEDEX.



Insite is a trusted provider of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA). SEDEX is a not-for-profit membership association that is dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices throughout global supply chains.

What is a Sedex SMETA audit?

SMETA is an agreed-to auditing protocol that is based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) base code, International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and local country laws, SMETA audits include assessment of labor standards, human rights, worker health and safety, environmental compliance, and business ethics performance.

Sedex Virtual Assessments

Sedex Virtual Assessments (SVA) is one of the ways we are supporting suppliers and our clients during COVID. Sedex Virtual Assessments are conducted using a combination of video interviews, and document and desktop reviews. With travel restrictions in place, virtual assessments provide a way for Sedex members to continue to assess suppliers’ ethical performance remotely.


SEDEX Advance is a collaborative platform where SMETA Audit Reports and Corrective Action Plan Reports (CAPR) are stored, making it easy for suppliers to share audit reports with multiple customers.

The Sedex SMETA Audit Methodology

Insite conducts SMETA audits in compliance with the Best Practice Guidelines (6.1). These audits use the ETI Base Code, founded on the conventions of the International Labour Organization, as well as relevant local laws. The two pillars mandatory for any SMETA audit are Labor Standards and Health & Safety. The two additional pillars of a 4-pillar audit were introduced to further deepen the environmental and ethical business aspects of the assessment.

A SMETA 2-pillar audit comprises the following modules:

  • Labor Standards

  • Health and Safety

  • Additional Elements:

  • Management Systems

  • Entitlement to Work

  • Subcontracting and Homeworking

  • Environmental assessment (condensed)

A SMETA 4-pillar audit covers the above elements +

  • Environmental assessment (expanded)

  • Business Ethics


  • Our Insite Program Managers support the SMETA Corrective Action Plan Report (CARP) process.

  • Insite conducts follow-up verification audits via desktop and on-site.

  • All of our Social Compliance Specialists are local, bilingual and have an in-depth understanding of region-specific trends and challenges.

Choosing Your Auditing Firm

SMETA audits conducted by Insite are accepted by leading brands.

To ensure that a SMETA audit was conducted by an experienced auditor a number of companies will only accept SMETA from a select group of firms. It is recommended that suppliers seeking to meet the requirements of two or more companies confirm upfront that their customers will accept the SMETA from their chosen auditing firm.

An Insite SMETA is recognized by Amazon, Walmart, PepsiCo, Suburbia and many other leading retailers.


Download an Insite SMETA Brochure 

Insite Compliance is an Affiliate Audit Company of SEDEX.

Member Number ZC1094968
Virtual Assessment Number SVA ZC1094968

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