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Insite ESG Verification 

Powered by TSP 

Are you ready to take your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting to the next level? At Insite Compliance, we make ESG reporting straightforward and reliable by ensuring accurate data verification and insightful analysis.

Beyond ESG Assessments

Our services go beyond standard Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) assessments. As field experts, we can assist in creating targeted questionnaires and validating suppliers' responses on a range of topics, such as:

Freight Contractors 

GIG Workers

Textile Waste Recycling

These tailored assessments provide deeper insights and drive meaningful change in your supply chain.

The Sustainability Project and Insite
Insite is the preferred verification partner of The Sustainability Project (TSP).

The Sustainability Project (TSP) online platform enables companies to easily invite multiple suppliers to complete sustainability-focused self-assessments and share responses with customers in just one click. The Insite Compliance verification process ensures the accuracy and reliability of suppliers' submitted data.

The Environmental Sustainability Governance Questionnaire (ESG)
The Sustainability Project ESG questionnaire consists of 25 core questions aligned with reporting frameworks such as CDP, GRI, and SASB. Verified suppliers' questionnaires can contribute to sustainability scoring in bids or RFPs while offering a comprehensive view of suppliers' ESG efforts.

Discover TSP's mission to promote sustainability across industry sectors by visiting their website.

Recent Project
SSCA 2023 The Sustainability Project | Insite Verification Report  

Insite Compliance was key in supporting The Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance project by verifying the SSCA 2023 Verification Supplier Self-Assessments. A customer of TSP, it is used by 28 energy utilities, members of SSCA as part of their supplier Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. To learn about the SSCA, visit their Website.

The Insite Project Summary Report is available. Request a Copy Now

Suppliers Sustainable Self-Assessment

The Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment process enables the collection and sharing of best practices within the industry, with a focus on economic and sustainability benefits. This involves evaluating suppliers' adherence to sustainable practices, identifying opportunities based on business needs, adoption rates within the industry and selecting improvement actions in response to stakeholder demands.

How It Works

1. Expert Assistance in Assessments Enhancement or Developemnt 
Insite can assist in refining your current assessments by providing suggestions for improvements or creating customized assessments and criteria based on your firm's requirements. We work closely with you to understand your goals, ensure the assessments are relevant and that the verification criteria are both obtainable and aspirational.

2.  Suppliers submit their self-assessments via the TSP platform. 
Companies can invite numerous suppliers to complete self-assessment in TSP. Leveraging TSP's aggregated anonymous datasets allows you to benchmark your suppliers against one another and easily identify areas for improvement. 
3. Verification and Review

The Insite team reviews the suppliers' self-assessments and ensures the data's accuracy and integrity of their responses by cross-referencing supporting data. Our team then summarizes the findings, identifies gaps and offers recommendations to enhance your targeted reporting. We can also collaborate directly with your suppliers to help them improve their sustainability compliance practices.
3. Detailed Reporting
Receive a comprehensive report highlighting your strengths, areas for improvement and actionable recommendations.

4. Continuous Improvement
Leverage our insights to enhance your sustainability practices and prepare for the future.

Green Leaves

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We are here to assist with any inquiries and provide more information about our services. Please contact us using our Contact Form.

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